Meaningful connection through fun!

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she she dance promo

    Kick off your heels, let your hair down, and enjoy the best BIG girl's party you EVER had! Even if you are shy, or not comfortable at group events, our approach will make you feel welcome and at ease - we promise!  

rachale and lovieIt's Lesbian Survivor Island!debbie and blueBeach buddiescarmannie cruiseskit costumes or just bad fashion? hard to tell sometimeslesley and cathychristine:laurie smile

Times are hard, and maybe you can't splurge on a vacation, but maybe you can invest in becoming a part of an extremely supportive community of women for networking and connections that will literally alter your life.  Check out our EVENTS for more info.  

"You learn more about a person in a hour of play,   than in a lifetime of conversation" - Plato


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